Saturday, June 11, 2011

Clint Black Concert

My sweet sister in law Chelsea won tickets to the Clint Black concert it Eagle Mountain, but they don't really like country music so they gave them to us. We had such a blast. I think dates we've had so much more fun on dates since we've had Clayson cause it's not very often that just the two of us go out. We had a lot of fun people watching before the concert. I think cheap country concerts are probably the best place to people watch. The music was really good. I think we knew almost every song.

We also had back stage passes. We're just waiting in line to meet Clint Black.

There was a photographer there taking pictures but we haven't gotten it yet. This is just the one we took with our camera. I'm not sure why I'm crossing my's not because I was so excited I peed a little. I'm pretty sure the lady that met him after us did.

We parked right by where they were shooting off fireworks so we just left during the encore and sat in the back of our truck to watch the fireworks.

Thanks for the tickets Chotz- We had so much fun!


I ordered Clayson his own little hearing protection ear muffs on amazon so a couple weeks ago we decided we better go try them out. Devan's parent's have property down in Elberta, UT not to be confused with Alberta Canada. My parents came with my dad's arsenal and Devan's parents, his sister Lindsey and brother Dallin all came too.
Clays staring at the fire.

Aren't his little earmuffs so cute?... Gotta love those chubby cheeks

He didn't love the earmuffs, but he did pretty good. He was getting fussy while they were still shooting so I fed him and he slept for a while with them on.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Our Stay-cation

We were planning on going to Vernal this last weekend (I'm sure you're all green with envy). My cousin was getting married and we just thought it would be fun to getaway. I know Vernal may not sound like the most exciting vacation but we were excited. My parents were planning on going too, but Friday morning their dog got hit by a car. He survived, but he's in pretty bad shape. He lost one of his eye's and fractured a vertebrae in his back. He's getting better everyday, but he can't be left alone yet so they stayed home to take care of him. We decided not go either, but we still wanted to do something fun so we had a "stay-cation." In other words I made Devan stay home and hang out with me instead of hiking over mountains to find deer and elk sheds- that is not exactly the most kid friendly hobby. Friday night we had a fire and tinfoil dinners with our friends Spencer and Michelle and their little boy Kash. It was a lot of fun and Clayson loved the fire. Can you guess which direction the fire was in each of these pictures?

Clays in his cute little Carhartt coat Devan's friend Dalton got for him.
I just had to add this- Clayson in the same coat when he was about a week and a half old. My chunky little monkey is growing like crazy.

I finally got Clays to look away from the fire for two seconds to take his picture.

And we're back to the fire. He kept sucking on his coat. It was so cute. :) 

Saturday morning we went to a bunch of yard sales where we found this bed for $49. I know this is a horrible picture, but is is black metal bed and I LOVE it. It's a hundred times better than our last headboard which was oak honey colored and so ugly.

Saturday afternoon we had a barbecue at my parents house. My mom's sister Cory and her husband Wayne came too. They just had another little boy. His name is Miles and he is so tiny and cute. Finn is their other little boy and he's about 2 1/2. We had a lot of fun playing with him. He even pushed me and Clayson on the swing. Oh and to top it all off Clayson pooped all over his clothes- again. I'm pretty sure he just thinks it's funny at this point. It's hard to even care though when I see this cute little naked boy.

Sunday we went to my family's annual mother's day dinner. All the mother's get to sit at the table and be served by the boys. They make the dinner themselves and it's always soo good. They even watch the kids while we eat and visit. We had chicken, stake, and fish. They really out did themselves this year. And to top it all off my grandpa- Lloyd the florist- made flower arrangements for all of us. I forgot to take a picture of mine, but I will.

Miles, Luke and Clayson. Luke was born the beginning of January and Miles was born the beginning of April. I'm sure they're going to be little buddies. Clayson and Luke are already starting to "talk" to each other.

The Super Secret Softball team

Devan was invited to play on his work's super secret softball team. Apparently they hand pick who they want on the team. The guy who put it together is pretty hardcore. Anyways, so far most of the games have been rained out, but last week Clayson and I were finally able to go to one of his games. Needless to say Clayson enjoyed himself. This picture was taken after he pooped all over his clothes. I sometimes think he poops all over just so I'll take off his clothes.

Classic Clayson: naked and happy
Playing with aunt Cassidy. He recently found his bottom lip and he thinks it's pretty sweet.
Hangin out in the dugout. Dev played an awesome game by the way. He hit a home run and a bunch of other really good hits.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

$2 wreath

I've been watching for ideas on a cute spring wreath. I came across this idea that's actually made from bed springs. I didn't want to spend money for bed springs so I looked up box springs on the ksl free section and sure enough I found several. I pulled out the springs and then I wired them together and then put glue on the joints. The only money I spent was on the fabric I used for the bow and the strips of fabric around the wreath. This isn't exactly the best pic. I took it inside my apartment with my cell phone but you get the idea. :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Starting Solids

So I know everyone now recommends that you wait to start solids until six months, but lately Clayson has been blowing out of his diapers at least once a day and often times more. I've tried different brands and different sizes of diapers and nothing seems to help. A few people have told me that once you start solids it's usually not as bad. Clayson's pediatrician said it's fine if he starts single grain cereal especially since he's such a big boy. I was still planning on waiting til six months, but after he pooped all over three times in about six hours I decided it was time. He did really well. He swallowed more than what ended up on his face. He only took six or seven bites and then he was done, but I thought it was really good for his first time.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Look who's rolling

He started rolling from his belly to his back a while ago, and he occasionally rolls from his back to his belly when he's on soft surfaces like the couch or our bed. He's been trying to roll from his back to his belly on the floor for a while now, but he couldn't quite make it over his one arm. Yesterday morning he finally made it over! It's been so fun watching his determination. I was so proud when he finally got it. :) 

We had an appointment with his pediatrician and his cardiologist last week and they always call him the little miracle baby. They say patients that have had heart failure usually experience failure to thrive, but as you can see that is obviously not the case with him. He was between 85-90% for weight and he's doing all the things a normal baby at his age should be able to do.