Saturday, June 11, 2011

Clint Black Concert

My sweet sister in law Chelsea won tickets to the Clint Black concert it Eagle Mountain, but they don't really like country music so they gave them to us. We had such a blast. I think dates we've had so much more fun on dates since we've had Clayson cause it's not very often that just the two of us go out. We had a lot of fun people watching before the concert. I think cheap country concerts are probably the best place to people watch. The music was really good. I think we knew almost every song.

We also had back stage passes. We're just waiting in line to meet Clint Black.

There was a photographer there taking pictures but we haven't gotten it yet. This is just the one we took with our camera. I'm not sure why I'm crossing my's not because I was so excited I peed a little. I'm pretty sure the lady that met him after us did.

We parked right by where they were shooting off fireworks so we just left during the encore and sat in the back of our truck to watch the fireworks.

Thanks for the tickets Chotz- We had so much fun!


  1. Cute! I love your Clint Black pix! I'm glad you had fun.
    We watched the fireworks from the boat out on the lake, but I'm sure you had a much better view. :)

  2. we totally wanted to go to that. but it didn't work out for us. glad you had fun!!!